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Fruit and sweet treats are especially popular — and healthy — dessert items, especially when paired with rich chocolate.

A sweet treat for breakfast and dessert

By Eleni Upah After sitting down for an all-you-can-eat buffet, the end feeling is usually that of satisfaction. Empty plates cover the table, and your stomach is full to the point where your jeans would be unbuttoned if it were socially acceptable. But then you remember you haven’t had dessert yet. Normally, at a restaurant […]

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Salted caramel, peanut butter and cotton candy are among the long-lasting flavors on Orange Leaf’s self-serve wall.

A flavor to fit anyone’s taste

By Eleni Upah Loosen up the belt, because it’s time for dessert. Better yet, it’s summertime dessert, which means something cool and refreshing — so maybe unbutton those pants, too. But wait a minute: the latest in soft-serve isn’t the calorie-loaded ice cream from a truck. Frozen yogurt is the favored treat of summer now, […]

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