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The Strawberry Explosion at Baru 66 combines unique flavors and textures to satisfy all the senses.

THE DESSERT – A sensory explosion

By Eleni Upah The culinary minds behind Baru 66 are continually working to create something new and fresh. Chef and owner David Baruthio changes up the menu regularly, with recipes that can’t be found anywhere else. He’s constantly trying to avoid that “déjà vu” feeling with desserts he feels have been overdone. That’s how the […]

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Ice cream comes in 35 rotating flavors at Over the Top in
Pleasant Hill.

THE DESSERT – A classic treat

By Eleni Upah Ice cream is as much of a summer staple as hamburgers, grilling and the Fourth of July. So it only makes sense to end a classic summertime meal of grilled chicken with a couple scoops from one of Des Moines’ many local ice cream shops. In the Pleasant Hill area, Over the […]

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THE DESSERT – Homemade biscuits and homegrown fruit

By Ashley Buckowing Strawberries are not just another fruit in Iowa. Just like apples, many people look forward to the opportunity to walk through the fields on a sunny afternoon and pick their own strawberries. There’s nothing better than fresh strawberries on a casual, sunny afternoon. And when it comes to putting them to good […]

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Sweet and spicy chocolate mousse is a favorite winter treat at
Alba and Splash.

THE DESSERT – Chocolate Heaven for Those Winter Wonderland Nights

By Ashley Buckowing After finishing up a bowl of flavor-packed Pho — a juicy broth packed full of onions, cilantro and other spices — you are convinced that your stomach can handle no more. Finding room for an equally amazing dessert is simply impossible. Or is it? Cheesecake is too heavy and even a bit […]

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Fruit and sweet treats are especially popular — and healthy — dessert items, especially when paired with rich chocolate.

THE DESSERT – A sweet treat for breakfast and dessert

By Eleni Upah After sitting down for an all-you-can-eat buffet, the end feeling is usually that of satisfaction. Empty plates cover the table, and your stomach is full to the point where your jeans would be unbuttoned if it were socially acceptable. But then you remember you haven’t had dessert yet. Normally, at a restaurant […]

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