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THE DRINK- Grown-up Hot Chocolate to Warm Your Insides

By Ashley Buckowing Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, dark cocoa, topped with Chef Joseph’s Marshmallow It’s been a long week. Your boss yelled at you for missing deadline, and now you’re backed up at work. The kids have been going through a naughty phase, your car broke down in the middle of a snowstorm, and the […]

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Tally’s Bloody Mary bar is offered each Sunday with extras like shrimp, peppers, bacon and pickles for a different taste each time.

THE DRINK- Your cocktail, your way

By Eleni Upah Thanks to tailgating and the growing popularity of brunch, we can all feel a little less guilty pouring a morning drink. And what’s less guilty than a glass full of vegetables? Enter the Bloody Mary: the perfect mixture of vodka, tomato juice, spices and vegetable garnishes to satisfy the hungry and seasoned […]

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