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Cleverly Farms takes pride in bringing fresh, new produce to many
tables in the state of Iowa.

THE PRODUCER – From farm to table

By Ashley Buckowing What is more true to Iowa than a hard-working family starting a farm business that has been around for decades? Outside of breaded pork loin sandwiches and strawberry shortcake, not too much. Larry Cleverley at Cleverley Farms holds the ideal American dream. Moving back to Iowa from New York City (and a […]

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New Horizon Cuisine is a manufacturing company specializing in delivering
high-quality, fresh ingredients to large food companies and restaurants.

It All Starts With Stock

By Eleni Upah The key to a robust, flavorful soup or stew lies at the base, which means using a good stock. The liquid base is made by simmering animal bones, meat, seafood or vegetables in water — or sometimes wine — to pull out the rich flavors. Though it is little more than 3 […]

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