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Calamity and prosperity

By Jim Duncan The autumn of 2017 was a time of contention, price ...

Bye, bye American pie

A vanishing culinary treasure By Jim Duncan In one of the great ...

Holiday gifts for foodies

Chindōgu and practicality By Jim Duncan Holiday gift giving provides opportunities to indulge ...

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Strong prices, glass ceilings and ANCIENT HISTORY

By Jim Duncan Summer was good to Iowa agriculture. Despite lower feed corn prices, beef prices stood strong on demand. Pork did, too. “The vegans were finally halted at the gates of Vienna,” joked one commodities trader. Exports helped sustain all this, especially to Japan, China and the southside of Korea. McDonalds and Wendy’s were the big winners in the […]

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EXTREME Tailgating

By Jim Duncan Much more than burgers and beer The best story I have ever heard about extreme tailgating is likely apocryphal. Like the best urban myths, though, hardly anyone doubts it because it perfectly fits most preconceptions, in this case about Oakland Raider fans. Of all the fans of American sports teams, these are usually perceived to be the […]

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Once upon a time

By Cady Colosimo and Jeff Pitts A look back at what some eateries’ buildings used to be If you’re going out to eat in downtown Des Moines, it’s more than likely the building you’re dining in was not always a restaurant. Several historic buildings — many of them more than 100 years old — occupy the heart of […]

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Heirloom dishes

By Jim Duncan Old soul Iowa cooking that you simply can’t resist One hears a lot these days about heirloom fruits and vegetables. Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah popularized the phrase before any grocery store knew how to exploit or misrepresent it. In its purest sense, it meant foods from varietal seeds that were vanishing […]

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A time of reawakening

By Jim Duncan Spring was most definitely a time of reawakening in Iowa this year. After decades of reaping the seeds of denial sown by a state legislature filled with Farm Bureau lackeys, federal judge Leonard Strand dismissed all Des Moines Water Works claims against drainage districts in three northwest Iowa counties. He admitted that DMWW may well have suffered an injury […]

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