Blintz bliss: sinfully sweet crêpes

By Annie Petersen

“Breakfast dessert” isn’t really a thing, but for those of us who would prefer to eat sweets for every meal, Des Moines has plenty of options. Take the Blintz offering at Tally’s in Beaverdale, for example: Two golden-brown crêpes wrapped around a warm, sweet ricotta filling topped with whipped cream, an Iowa aronia berry purée, fresh berries and a sprig of mint make for a sweet breakfast indeed.

“It’s a ‘souped up’ classic,” says owner and chef Robert Sanda. “It is both recognizable and identifiable.”

The elastic crêpe is the perfect vehicle for the sweet ricotta filling. The rich ricotta sweetens the surprisingly savory crêpes, warming them from the inside out. The aronia berry (commonly known as chokeberry) bites through the nearly overpowering richness of the sugar-infused cheese filling. The sauce is drizzled lightly over the crêpes, bringing local freshness to the dish.

The real surprise comes when the whipped cream melts across the tops of the crêpes contrasting with the cool mint garnish, bringing another dimension to the dish.

Sweet Blintz with warm ricotta filling and local aronia berry purée is served at Tally’s.

Sweet Blintz with warm ricotta filling and local aronia berry purée is served at Tally’s.

“The thing that sets our crêpes apart from others is the organic aronia purée, our homemade crêpe batter and our cheesecake filling,” Sanda says.

Guests can be sure when ordering crêpes that they are scratch-made if they don’t have the rubbery consistency of reheated batter, and the warm, fluffy filling tastes whipped and fresh.
And the berry purée has the unmistakable flavor of fresh-picked fruit rather than the inferior canned preserves shortcut.

Crêpes give diners the OK to indulge with dessert for breakfast. The good mood will linger for the rest of the day. RELISH

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