Fresh fall flavors to start the day

By Annie Petersen

At 8 o’clock on a Tuesday morning, any coffee shop in any city in the world is bursting with customers filling up on gourmet grounds and flaky pastries. Mid-week mornings are a blur of busy patrons rushing to work, pausing only for a brief moment to find that perfect pastry to complement their coffee of choice — or vice versa.

But coffee shops today have so many choices. Unless you like it black, what you want comes down to two things: taste and potency.

A cup of coffee and a crispy, flaky apple turnover are an excellent way to kick off a crisp fall day.

A cup of coffee and a crispy, flaky apple turnover are an excellent way to kick off a crisp fall day.

As far as potency is concerned, espresso is the caffeine-junky’s morning fix. The highly-concentrated coffee has a bold, rich flavor and a hint of sweetness that both complements coffee and enhances its charge. On the other end, of course, decaf will do nothing in the way of waking a person up but is more for people who like the taste or warmth or feeling coffee gives them rather than its buzzing effects.

When it comes to enjoying the flavors, it’s all about quality, and preferably locally-produced, ingredients. La Mie, for example, is supplied by Burgies Coffee and Tea, a small, family-operated coffee shop and roaster in Ames. The house roast served at La Mie is sharp and slightly earthy, with enough of a kick to get anyone through the morning. Whether you take cream and sugar or drink it black, this coffee is the best way to mitigate the sinful richness of the fresh, flaky apple turnover that’s seducing you from behind a case of glass.

The outer shell of the turnover is glazed to a perfect golden brown, glistening. Its shell crumbles into soft flakes under the fork, the mark of any good pastry. And between all of that flaky dough lays a smooth, sweet filling made from just-picked apples from the Dallas Center Apple Orchard. It’s clear from the first bite that this pastry was made the right way, completely from scratch. RELISH

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