THE CHEF- Garold Kern

Owner of Papa Kerns Cafe

By Amber Williams

What is your favorite food? Italian.

ChefWhat is your favorite dish to prepare? Cavatelli. The final product always pleases the customers.

What do you like to eat when not at work? Italian food and Mexican food. It’s the ingredients.

How do you handle the daily pressure? After a really busy day, getting out to the customers and chatting with them. They’re really the ones who bring me back down and make it all worth it.

Why is breakfast food a good meal anytime of the day? Not everyone works a 9-to-5 job. A lot of people work different shifts, and they need to be able to go out and have breakfast, too.

Why is breakfast “the most important meal of the day? ” Because you’ve got to go all day. You need to fuel up for it.

What’s the best cooking tip you can offer to readers? When cooking for others, you should cook it the way you would want it cooked for you. Cook it the way you’d want to eat it.

Why should people pick Papa Kerns when dining out? Word of mouth has given us a verbal rating as “best breakfast place around” because of our portions and our prices. We’re becoming known as the east-side’s favorite little breakfast spot.

What do you do when you’re not in the kitchen? I’m constantly married to the restaurant, but my wife and I like to spend time with family. We have five grandkids, so we like to spend time with them and chill out. RELISH

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