THE ENTREE – A meal fit for a king

By Eleni Upah

What’s the best part of going out to eat? Many people might say not having to cook is the biggest luxury of dining out. Others might say getting food you can’t prepare yourself or find anywhere else.

Keeping those in mind, what makes for the best restaurant meal? The answer: eating food you didn’t cook, that you wouldn’t normally find anywhere near your kitchen, and that you can customize to your personal liking. Actually, maybe the all-you-can-eat aspect is the best part.

The prime rib carving station is one of the major attractions in Prairie Meadows’ dining options.

The prime rib carving station is one of the major attractions in Prairie Meadows’ dining options.

The classic buffet offers all of it. If you’re aiming to please a family torn between appetites for pizza, steak, seafood and chicken, the buffet is your best friend. Satisfy all cravings at once and make sure no one leaves hungry.

Casinos are notorious for having outstanding buffets, which, when you think about it, makes sense. After you’ve spent a number of hours at the slots, you’ll either want to celebrate your winnings with a large, extravagant meal or, if you had the opposite outcome, you’ll want to console yourself with all the comfort food you can find.

Prairie Meadows is home to the newly remodeled and expanded Champions Clubhouse Buffet and the Triple Crown Eatery, which offer gourmet plates for every appetite. Carved prime rib is a top pick, along with the seafood buffet featuring a made-to-order scampi station. The made-to-order pasta station is not to be missed, along with dozens of other entrees and sides.

“Triple Crown Eatery offers 26 different hot options with main entrees, including broasted chicken, baked tilapia and hand-breaded pangasius,” said Patricia Weidner, executive chef at Prairie Meadows.

That many options can leave a person feeling overwhelmed, but as anyone who’s had a meal at Prairie Meadows knows, the prime rib is the king of main courses.

“A high-quality, fresh product and proper preparation techniques make for a great prime rib dinner,” Weidner said. “We season and slow roast our prime rib to a perfect medium rare, but for those guests who prefer medium or above, we grill it on the spot to their satisfaction.”

Pair it with the seafood macaroni and cheese, cheesy potato casserole, the potato leek soup or the clam chowder — all made in house — and you’ll be feeling like royalty yourself. RELISH

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