THE DRINK – Grown-up Hot Chocolate to Warm Your Insides

By Ashley Buckowing

Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, dark cocoa, topped with Chef Joseph’s Marshmallow

It’s been a long week. Your boss yelled at you for missing deadline, and now you’re backed up at work. The kids have been going through a naughty phase, your car broke down in the middle of a snowstorm, and the one thing that sounds the most relaxing right now is having a drink in front of the fireplace with your friends. Your palate craves more than a beer, and you’re tired of freezing in the 10-degree weather.

Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey and dark cocoa, topped with Chef Joseph’s Marshmallow

Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey and dark cocoa, topped with Chef Joseph’s Marshmallow

There is only one solution: spiked hot cocoa. You need a little sweetness to reward yourself for surviving the week you’ve had, a little alcohol to unwind, and some warmth to de-thaw your fingers from scraping off the inch of ice frozen to your car windows.

Ingredients typically found in spiked hot cocoa include Kahlua, rum, Bailey’s, flavored liqueur, tequila or a festive peppermint schnapps. But bartenders at downtown hotspot HoQ make spiked hot chocolate a little different, adding Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey to the mix. That’s right — it really is whiskey in your hot cocoa.

“Some people order with their meal, and some people order it just for dessert, really,” says HoQ owner Suman Hoque. “And the Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey is from Iowa.”

Comforting hot cocoa with the spike that’s straight from the homeland? Now that’ll get you through the winter.

HoQ’s enticing spiced hot chocolate includes Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, and dark cocoa and is topped with Chef Joseph’s Marshmallow, because what would hot cocoa be without a sweet, fluffy marshmallow?

“We make our own homemade marshmallow,” explains Hoque. “If it’s snowing, people like to drink hot chocolate, and the marshmallow is a good addition for that.”

The mixture of the spice from the fire whiskey and the sweetness from the decadent chocolate creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience that makes a bad week seem better. The house-made marshmallow that covers the top adds the final kick, giving your spiked hot chocolate the extra creaminess it needs to accompany any chilly winter evening. Whether you need a night away from the house or you are out celebrating the end of the week with friends, HoQ’s Spiced Hot Chocolate is the best way to cap it off and prepare for the weekend. RELISH

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