THE DESSERT – A classic treat

By Eleni Upah

Ice cream is as much of a summer staple as hamburgers, grilling and the Fourth of July. So it only makes sense to end a classic summertime meal of grilled chicken with a couple scoops from one of Des Moines’ many local ice cream shops.

Ice cream comes in 35 rotating flavors at Over the Top in Pleasant Hill.

Ice cream comes in 35 rotating flavors at Over the Top in Pleasant Hill.

In the Pleasant Hill area, Over the Top offers “fabulicious” ice cream in 35 new and rotating flavors.

Owner and manager Christine D’Amico explains the fabulicious theme of her ice cream shop as a combination of her mission: to offer a fabulous guest service experience with delicious product for every customer.

All of the ice cream at Over the Top is homemade, and new flavor ideas can come from anything, including guests, employees (fondly called Super Scoopers) and even from current food trends.

D’Amico said she uses high-quality ingredients and a small-batch process to make all the ice cream, which only lasts for about one week.

“We use fresh ingredients with a short shelf life to keep (the ice cream) fresh,” she explained. This way, customers can rest assured they’re getting the best possible product each and every visit.

Over the Top offers its sweet and salty flavors in dishes and waffle cones, and each order comes with a “topper,” which is a sweet little scoop of any flavor at no extra cost. It’s the perfect compromise for those dessert-minded folks who can’t settle on just one flavor.

But then there’s also the “Over the Top” cone, which features five scoops of ice cream piled high on a waffle cone — try it at your own risk.

The rich, creamy dessert doesn’t stop at the Pleasant Hill border, though. Indianola has its own claim to fame with The Outside Scoop, an ice cream parlor offering its own small-batch, made-from-scratch frozen desserts.

The Outside Scoop take the concept of an ice cream truck to a whole new level, parking its pink truck around Des Moines and catering for events for those ice cream eaters who live outside Indianola.

With both of these dessert shops, you can forget about the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors and move on to more sophisticated varieties like strawberry rhubarb crisp, salted caramel and pretzel, blueberry lemonade and apricot with white chocolate. RELISH

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