THE DESSERT – A sensory explosion

The Strawberry Explosion at Baru 66 combines unique flavors and textures to satisfy all the senses.

The Strawberry Explosion at Baru 66 combines unique flavors and textures to satisfy all the senses.

By Eleni Upah

The culinary minds behind Baru 66 are continually working to create something new and fresh. Chef and owner David Baruthio changes up the menu regularly, with recipes that can’t be found anywhere else. He’s constantly trying to avoid that “déjà vu” feeling with desserts he feels have been overdone.

That’s how the idea for the Strawberry Explosion came to fruition.

Baruthio, who is originally from France, started with the idea of a classic French dish, which he says his team made a bit more modern.

“It’s got different textures of strawberry — crunchy, soft and powdery. It’s very interesting,” says Baruthio.

The plate is dressed beautifully with a circle of strawberry-caramel glaze and a bed of diced strawberries in a Tahitian vanilla bean sauce with sliced almonds. Atop the strawberries sits a poached meringue, which, unlike its classic crispy form, is steamed to give it a cotton-like texture. Next to it is a small but rich scoop of Baruthio’s special sorbet.

Using organic strawberries from California, Baruthio’s kitchen staff has a unique machine that takes raw, frozen strawberries and makes one scoop of sorbet each time the dessert is ordered. That way, Baruthio ensures that every guest is getting a fresh, made-to-order treat. Baruthio promises the sorbet is unlike anything else served in the area.

“Think about eating a fresh strawberry, but we will make you eat a fresh strawberry that is converted into sorbet at order for you,” he says. “Nobody does that because we’re the only ones that have the machine to do that.”

The creamy sorbet and cloud-like meringue are complemented by the crispy textures of the almonds, sugary powder and strawberries. Altogether, they combine to create the sensory explosion Baruthio envisioned.

“That’s why we call it the Strawberry Explosion: It works with all your senses,” he explains. “It pops in your mouth.”

The serving might appear small by America’s super-sized standards, but the Strawberry Explosion is rich both in texture and flavor. At a reasonable $9, Baruthio and his culinary team have put more thought and care into this dessert than many similarly priced options elsewhere. RELISH

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