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The Delmonico steak was made popular in New York nearly two centuries ago, and its name carries on today.

The Delmonico steak was made popular in New York nearly two centuries ago, and its name carries on today.

By Eleni Upah

Every carnivorous human has a preference when it comes to steak. Boneless or bone-in, rare or well-done, lean or fatty. There are those who have a favorite steak sauce and those who say adding sauce is blasphemous to the meat’s purity. Some people prefer to grill their own steaks, insisting no one else can do it better. But most will agree that the best steaks are the ones that can’t be found at simple grocery stores.

For a true taste of the best in Des Moines steaks, 801 Chophouse offers a variety of cuts a la carte. One of the restaurant’s finest is a 24-ounce bone-in Delmonico for $62. It can be ordered “simply grilled” or with a Cajun rub, but either way, it won’t be a meal you’ll soon forget.

Delmonico steak has a slightly controversial origin. The name refers to the preparation method made famous at Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City during the mid-19th century. The controversy involves the cut of steak that was originally used at the restaurant, as there have been at least eight different cuts claimed to be the original Delmonico steak.

The modern-day version prepared now can refer to a variety of cuts, including boneless rib eye, bone-in top loin or boneless top loin strip steak.

At 801 Chophouse, the Delmonico steak is a bone-in rib eye cut, and it is prepared with a char broiler. Ian Robertson, the sous chef at 801, says it is one of his personal favorites on the menu — and a popular choice among customers.

“It has a ton of flavor because of the marbling in it. We sell about four to five a night.”

The bone-in Delmonico is one of many steak options at 801 Chophouse, ranging from $40-$60 each. Sides are ordered separately, divided on the menu by potatoes and vegetables, and ranging in price from $9-$18 each.

A meal like this isn’t meant for the everyday beef consumer. Not only are the steaks some of the finest cuts on the market, they are also prepared by some of the best hands. Even the most particular of steak lovers can rest assured 801 Chophouse will get it done right. And for $62 a serving, that’s not only important — it’s expected. RELISH

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