THE ENTREE – The perfect pairing

By Meghan Johnson

Quiche is known as a classic French cuisine but could date back to English cuisine of the 14th century, depending on your definition of classic dish.

Quiche is a versatile recipe that pairs with virtually any kind of coffee.

Quiche is a versatile recipe that pairs with virtually any kind of coffee.

Three main ingredients make up a quiche: a pie shell, cheese and custard. From there, it’s all about personal taste; from meat to seafood to vegetables, almost anything can be added to the dish.

Classic quiche recipes call for a pie shell filled with meat, vegetables or fish and a mixture of eggs, milk, thyme and salt. It is baked for 30-40 minutes at 375 degrees, and most experts say that the middle of the quiche should jiggle, and a knife should come out clean when stuck in the middle.

Most restaurants and quiche lovers know that the most common recipes often use ham and cheese, or sautéed onion, bacon and Swiss Gruyere cheese. But this dish is versatile; it can be served for breakfast as a sausage, egg and cheese quiche or as a crab and Swiss quiche for dinner. Some options can be served as a 10-inch pie or made individually using tart shells, muffin tins or hollowed-out vegetables. The possibilities are, as they say, endless.

With the versatility to be served at any meal, it’s no wonder it pairs well with coffee, a choice drink for most people’s morning, afternoon and sometimes even nighttime. Quiches are best served with a coffee opposite of its flavors. If the quiche has a mild flavor to it, the perfect pair would be a full, savory coffee. Pacific Island coffees and French roasts are the usual contenders for a good pairing. Both coffees have a bold flavor that would work well with a more simplistic take on the quiche. For a more daring recipe, it is better to pair it with a light roast coffee.

Around Des Moines, it is easy to find this food pairing at coffee shops, bakeries and cafés. Many locations serve classic quiches, especially around breakfast time. Smokey Row Coffee and La Mie have quiche options on the menu, ranging from broccoli and cheese at Smokey Row to sausage and pepper at La Mie. Ritual Café offers varied quiches weekly. Just add a cup of coffee to your order, and you’ve got a fantastic food experience awaiting. RELISH

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