Chilled shrimp cocktail is a classic

By Jeff Pitts

Shrimp cocktail is old school cool. The classic seafood dish is simple, easy to make, delightful to taste and timeless. The popular appetizer is traditionally chilled, served in a cocktail glass and sided with a cocktail sauce consisting of little more than ketchup and horseradish.


Chicago Speakeasy serves this classic shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce made by its kitchen staff in-house. This American classic has been on the menu since it opened in 1978.

Chicago Speakeasy takes care to render its jumbo shrimp cocktail just the way the classic appetizer is supposed to be: Four delicious jumbo shrimp, cooked, deveined, chilled, peeled and served with a cocktail sauce its kitchen staff makes in-house. A three-pronged fork is provided along with two lemon wedges for an added zest.

Speakeasy owner Julie Moore says the cocktail sauce recipe — a mixture of horseradish, ketchup and lemon juice —attempts to adhere to the longtime favorite’s standard.

The chilled shrimp dish at Chicago Speakeasy has been on the menu since 1978 and is available as an appetizer, but Moore says many people order it as an entrée to go along with a salad. The salad and shrimp combination make a pleasant lunch or light dinner. She suggests ordering a martini to set off the shellfish’s flavor or possibly a nice glass of your favorite wine.

“You never get tired of shrimp cocktail,” she says. “I love it.”

Chicago Speakeasy is family-owned and serves classic American cuisine. It is known for hand-cut steaks, succulent prime rib, ribs, chops, chicken, pasta and its salad bar, but it has seafood, too. The time-honored appetizer at Chicago Speakeasy, located at 1520 Euclid Ave. in Des Moines, has been on the menu since Moore’s dad, Ron Jaeger, made it available.

Many other Des Moines restaurants also offer shrimp cocktail, including longtime Des Moines favorites such as Waterfront in West Des Moines or Sam and Gabe’s in Urbandale. Both eateries serve chilled jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce.

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