Old Fashioned drinking and dining


By Meghan Johnson


An Old Fashioned is about as classic as it gets, especially using Black Velvet here in Iowa, the biggest consumer of BV per capita than any other state.

Since the 19th century, the classic cocktail has been made by muddling sugar with bitters then adding alcohol — usually whiskey or brandy — and a twist of citrus rind to top it off.

An”Old Fashioned” with Black Velvet from Skip’s.

An”Old Fashioned” with Black Velvet from Skip’s.

Coining its name in the early 1880s at a gentlemen’s club in the center of Kentucky, the drink has been a crowd favorite from its earliest days.

In the center of Iowa, Skip’s has its own history of serving the Old Fashioned. Good food, an Iowa-nice staff and an excellent dining experience in a home that was renovated into a restaurant in the 1980s are what make Skip’s a staple of Des Moines. Skip’s began as a bar but added upscale food shortly thereafter.

Simplicity is key.

“We keep it classic, simple and delicious, like everything else we have,” said Shannon Clark, manager. “Historically, the Old Fashioned is one of the oldest drinks out there.”

The Old Fashioned has been offered since the restaurant opened in 1981 and has been a guest favorite ever since.

The Old Fashioned at Skip’s is made similar to most versions of the cocktail. Bartenders muddle fresh bitters, cherries and oranges and top the drink off with ice cubes, bourbon of choice and soda.

Not that the drink ever went out of style, but it has seen a rebound in popularity of late as a new trend in the Des Moines area.

“The Old Fashioned is coming back; it’s trendy. We have a bigger demographic drinking it now,” said Clark.

No matter if it’s paired with dinner or during a night out on the town, the Old Fashioned has become the drink of choice for many. RELISH



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