Troy Trostel Trostel’s Greenbriar



By Jeff Pitts


Who does most of the cooking at your house?

My wife and I share the cooking duties since I work so many nights.


What is your home kitchen like?

Very casual, but I have a great grill and smoker outside.


How is your home cooking different than your cooking in the kitchen?

I have four children, ages 5 to 20, so I fit my menus to reflect their varied tastes. Chef2Plus, my wife doesn’t eat beef, and I don’t eat seafood. It’s a challenge, to say the least.


Do you have a favorite dish to cook at home? And do you enjoy cooking at home after spending all day at it in the work kitchen?

We all love Mexican food, so I cook that often. Cooking is my passion, so I never get tired of it.


What do your kids or family members get excited to hear that you are cooking on any given night?

They love it when I grill steak over a wood fire.


Do you ever make something at home that is on the restaurant menu? What’s one thing you wish you could make in your home kitchen that is just a lot simpler to make at the restaurant?

My family loves the Rotisserie Chicken we make at the Greenbriar, so I take that home a lot.


What was your childhood kitchen and culinary home life like?

My dad is the late Paul Trostel. He raised me as a single parent. I learned my love of cooking from him, and he encouraged me to try different foods.


“Classic” food never goes out of style. What’s your favorite classic meal choice and why? (Something your parent or grandparents would have eaten?)

I still love many of the dishes from my dad’s German heritage. RELISH



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