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Chilled shrimp cocktail is a classic

By Jeff Pitts Shrimp cocktail is old school cool. The classic seafood dish is simple, easy to make, delightful to taste and timeless. The popular appetizer is traditionally chilled, served in a cocktail glass and sided with a cocktail sauce consisting of little more than ketchup and horseradish. Chicago Speakeasy takes care to render its […]

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THE APPETIZER – Affinity of flavors

By Jeff Pitts Ever wonder what Bugs Bunny orders when he hits the town on the hunt for vegan fare? If he’s going to Proof — the hip eatery equipped with a modern vibe in downtown’s gateway — Bugs likely has a hankering for Chef Sean Wilson’s Coffee Roasted Carrot Soup. Wilson routinely makes mouths […]

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Splash Seafood Bar and Grill offers several varieties of caviar, served on ice and with all the trimmings.

THE APPETIZER – Small in volume, large in flavor

By Eleni Upah In its early ears, caviar was so plentiful in America that it was given away in bars to make patrons thirsty — much like peanuts in today’s establishments. Due to overfishing, harvesting and selling black caviar was banned in Russia in 2007, and wild caviar production was suspended between 2008-2011 to allow for […]

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The traditional wings at Jethro’s are slow-smoked for two hours
and flash-fried to order every day. Find more finger-lickin’ wings at
Down Under, Jethro’s, Granite City, Quinton’s and The Other Place.

THE APPETIZER – A mess worth making

By Eleni Upah Wash your hands and tuck that napkin into your shirt — it’s time to get messy. Chicken wings are a fan favorite when it comes to appetizers, so it’s only fitting to celebrate them in the poultry issue. While boneless wings have staged a major takeover in this food category, there’s just something […]

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THE APPETIZER – No scraps here

By Eleni Upah Even though the fall harvest several months away, it’s never too early to start talking about one of Iowa’s most delicious and versatile crops: squash. The Iowa climate is ideal for growing squash, which is perfect for restaurants like Alba that strive to use local ingredients in their meals. “The reason we […]

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