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Holiday Traditions: Treat your taste buds to something tasty

By Jeff Pitts   Do you need a restaurant that is open on the holidays? Or are you looking for the perfect pie to take over the river and through the woods while being a guest at someone’s holiday feast? Or maybe you’re after something you can only find during food’s favorite time of year? […]

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Baratta’s serves a splendid chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan satisfies

    By Meghan Johnson   Chicken Parmesan — or chicken Parmigiana — is a classic Italian-American dish. The breaded chicken breast with tomato sauce, three cheeses and sometimes topped with ham or bacon is a wonderful entrée. The ingredients make the dish seem like traditional Italian fare, but its origins are from here in […]

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THE ENTREE – The perfect pairing

By Meghan Johnson Quiche is known as a classic French cuisine but could date back to English cuisine of the 14th century, depending on your definition of classic dish. Three main ingredients make up a quiche: a pie shell, cheese and custard. From there, it’s all about personal taste; from meat to seafood to vegetables, […]

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The Delmonico steak was made popular in New York nearly two centuries ago, and its name carries on today.

THE ENTREE – A cut above the rest

By Eleni Upah Every carnivorous human has a preference when it comes to steak. Boneless or bone-in, rare or well-done, lean or fatty. There are those who have a favorite steak sauce and those who say adding sauce is blasphemous to the meat’s purity. Some people prefer to grill their own steaks, insisting no one […]

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Grilled chicken comes with countless ways to prepare it, including
more elaborate recipes such as the citrus grilled chicken tacos
at Dos Rios. Find more grilled chicken dishes at Iowa Beef
Steakhouse, Waterfront, Club Car, Down Under, Quinton’s and
Granite City.

THE ENTREE – Classic and versatile

By Eleni Upah Everyone has a preference when it comes to grilling. Rare or medium-well. Hamburger or hot dog. Chicken or steak. There’s something for everyone, but perhaps nothing is quite so universal as a juicy piece of grilled chicken. Chicken’s versatility as a mealtime staple makes it the perfect option for parties, barbecues and […]

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