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Prairie Meadows: A million square feet of Hospitality

By Jim Duncan In a recent conversation amongst long-time restaurant people, someone mentioned the stress involved preparing a 1960s wedding feast for 100 guests. At the time, that number of guests was extravagant. Last month, Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino, Entertainment Center and Hotel’s Hospitality Director Clay Willey laughed about that. “During the Christmas party season, […]

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Summer food in Iowa

By Jim Duncan   Early this century, the New York Times’ peerless writer R.W. Apple wrote that Madison, Wisconsin, in late summer, represented the perfect conjunction of time and place for eating the earth’s best foods. At that time, Madison was ahead of Des Moines in providing a diversity of foods, particularly heirloom varieties. Its […]

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Jethroni Pepperoni.  Colossal Meatball, Chicken Artichoke and Chicken Parmesan.

Scratch Italian Bruce Gerleman and Dom Iannarelli’s latest collaboration, Jethroni Pepperoni, is a populist take on southern Italian dining, providing the experience of more expensive restaurants

By Jim Duncan  |  Photos by Dan Hodges Bruce Gerleman and Dom Iannarelli have teamed up to create the lavish Splash, where seafood is air freighted daily from both Hawaii and the Caribbean, and Jethro’s, the machoi barbecue giant known for massive servings and award-winning wings. Jethroni Pepperoni, their latest collaboration, is a populist take […]

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Relish Spring 2016zx3

Traditional restaurants and classic drinks and dishes of Des Moines

    By Jim Duncan   Des Moines’ daily paper set off a lively debate in March about what should be considered the “essential restaurants” of the city. Such lists always upset someone, but this one particularly drew ire of fans of long-time city favorites. We thought it was time to throw our point of […]

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THE FEATURE – The coffee enlightenment

Learn how the drink changed the world and how Des Moines’ coffee culture thrived by being ignored By Jim Duncan Coffee twice changed the world dramatically. The seeds of the berries of the coffee plant rested inconspicuously for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years in their native habitats in the Horn of Africa and Arabia. There […]

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