Homemade biscuits and homegrown fruit

By Ashley Buckowing Strawberries are not just another fruit in Iowa. Just like apples, many people look forward to the opportunity to walk through the fields on a sunny afternoon ...


Iowa’s favorite sandwich

By Ashley Buckowing Chefs, put down your knives. The war for the honor of the state with the greatest pork tenderloin is over. After talking to different chefs and searching ...


No scraps here

By Eleni Upah Even though the fall harvest several months away, it’s never too early to start talking about one of Iowa’s most delicious and versatile crops: squash. The Iowa ...

The Contents


THE CHEF – George Formaro

Centro, Django, South Union Bread Café, Gateway Market & Café, Malo and ...
Cleverly Farms takes pride in bringing fresh, new produce to many
tables in the state of Iowa.

THE PRODUCER – From farm to table

By Ashley Buckowing What is more true to Iowa than a hard-working ...
The Sutliff tap is used often at el Bait Shop, where the Iowa-based
company is the favorite among hard ciders.

THE DRINK – A drink fit for all of Iowa’s seasons

By Eleni Upah Hard ciders have been increasing in popularity. The light, ...

THE FEATURE – What is Iowa cuisine?

It is much more than you might think. By Jim Duncan God, and the most recent Ice Age, blessed Iowa with the best soil on earth for growing good things to eat. After World War II, though, once diverse and sustainable farms were plowed in the service of corn and soybeans. As a result, the […]

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Des moines the dish

THE DISH – Free-range breweries yes; fish and chips no

By Jim Duncan The winter quarter brought a perfect storm of food chaos to the world. For the first time in history, the number of people living in cities outnumbered those living in the countryside. Food inflation reared its ugly head in the third world. The Goldman Sachs commodity index soared by 77 percent in […]

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