Gluten-free bakers are beginning to master the challenge of offering sweets and treats that measure up to traditional recipes, such as this chocolate brownie a la mode served at The Club Car in Clive.

Chocoholics’ delight

By Amber Williams There’s a common misconception among the uniformed that gluten free equals bland, that health has to come at the sacrifice of flavor. But most any seasoned chef ...

A steak burrito, taco or fajita is gluten free as long as it’s served in a bowl rather than a flour tortilla, which is an alternative offered at many restaurants around the city.

There’s more than one way to eat a steak

By Amber Williams When it comes to steak, it’s all about preparation. In general, fresh fruits and meats are inherently gluten-free, according to, which outlines the dos and don’ts ...

This sushi roll at Wasabi Tao is the perfect example of just how gluten free an appetizer can be, featuring avocado, white tuna and yellow-tail salmon.

Safe and satisfying

By Amber Williams When it comes to eating gluten free, it’s hard to go wrong with sushi. And if there’s one thing this Midwestern city can surprisingly do well these ...

The Contents

Woodchuck Hard Cider is served almost everywhere and promises to be 100-percent safe for a gluten-free diet.

Hard cider — beer’s tasty alternative to gluten

By Amber Williams If there’s one thing people who live the gluten-free ...
The Cory family farm includes 85 acres of grass pasture for all-naturally raised livestock. Back, from left to right: Lorinda, 5; Mary, Tom, Spencer, 17; Gavin, 16. Front: Luke, 11; and James, 8.

It’s not about the money; it’s about health

By Meagan Flynn The Cory family has some neighbors who think they’re ...
Chef headshot

THE CHEF- Michelle Holtz

Owner and baker of Sweet Rewards Gluten-Free Bakery in Waukee By Amber ...

Going Gluten Free

Fresh fruits and vegetables, like these heirloom tomatoes from Butcher Creek Farm, are a staple of gluten-free diets.

THE FEATURE- The gluten-free diet — beyond medicine

By Jim Duncan The gluten-free (GF) diet began as a medical treatment for celiac disease, an autoimmune digestive disorder that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. Not only is it more common than people realize, but it’s also a disease on the rise. According to the National Foundation for […]

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THE DISH- Restaurant scene in winter boom

By Jim Duncan The 2013 food year went out in blaze of irony and weirdness. Cape Cod fishing towns, once the busiest fishing ports of the world, reported that cod had virtually disappeared. Cape Cod restaurants began importing cod from Iceland. Area fishermen switched to dogfish, almost all of which is sold in Europe, because […]

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