Steaming hot pho soup at H’s Pho warms up cold winter nights

Dinner Warm Enough to Take Off Your Mittens

By Ashley Buckowing Going out to eat is fun for a variety of reasons. You don’t have to spend an hour cooking dinner or waiting for a roast to soak ...

Sweet and spicy chocolate mousse is a favorite winter treat at
Alba and Splash.

Chocolate Heaven for Those Winter Wonderland Nights

By Ashley Buckowing After finishing up a bowl of flavor-packed Pho — a juicy broth packed full of onions, cilantro and other spices — you are convinced that your stomach ...

The clam chowder at Splash Seafood Bar and Grill is the most popular
soup on the menu, and its fresh ingredients explain why.

A Warm Welcome

By Eleni Upah Ahh, soup. A common choice for an appetizer at any fine restaurant, sometimes even presented as an included side to a number of entrees. It can be ...

The Contents


THE RECIPE- Sausage and Corn Chowder

By Marchelle Walter Brown A few years ago a friend of mine ...
New Horizon Cuisine is a manufacturing company specializing in delivering
high-quality, fresh ingredients to large food companies and restaurants.

THE PRODUCER- It All Starts With Stock

By Eleni Upah The key to a robust, flavorful soup or stew ...

THE DRINK- Grown-up Hot Chocolate to Warm Your Insides

By Ashley Buckowing Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, dark cocoa, topped with Chef ...
Chef 2

THE CHEF- Lisa LaValle, Trellis (Botanical Gardens)

By Ashley Buckowing How long have you been cooking? I’ve been cooking for my family since I was a little girl, so I can pretty much say that I’ve been cooking for 50 years. I started cooking when I was a little girl because I had no mom in the family, so I was the […]

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Relish Winter 2015 17

THE FEATURE- Super Bowls: Des Moines’ Favorite Soups

By Jim Duncan Soup was likely discovered about 20,000 years ago, soon after the invention of waterproof clay pots. Because liquids were being boiled, bacteria were killed, and soups were considered medicinal. In 16th century Paris, street vendors sold “restaurants” — cheap soups advertised for restoring one’s health. When one such vendor moved into a […]

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